Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quad Day

This Sunday I went to Quad DAy, which is a day when all the student organizations put up booths to tell you about themselves and try to get you to join. I found lots of organizations that seemed interesting:

- Illini Roleplayers (RPGs and Vampire LARPing)
- Techfront (Science Fiction and Gaming)
- MATRIX (Math Club)
- Pirates of Chambana (Dressing up as pirates, building cardboard pirate ships, and doing "pirate battles")
- Odd Request (Improv Comedy Troupe)

There's going to be a lot of different activities to choose from this weekend. The Illini Roleplayers are doing a gaming convention that lasts all weekend, but there's other activities like tryouts for the Improv Troupe and the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival.

1 comment:

Dan Mont said...

Wow, Alex. That sounds great. Are there more clubs at UI than at UMD? Actually, which school is bigger?

I've never heard of the pirate thing before.