Sunday, October 11, 2009

RPG Math - Problem Index

Now that I have finished my 10th RPG Math problem I am going to post an index of all the problems along with what category they are in.

Problem 1: Ineligible Receiver (of bullets) Downfield
Problem 2: Too Many Men on the Playing Field (Exponential Growth)
Problem 3: Take Cover! (Geometry)
Problem 4: Divvying Up The Loot (Algebra)
Bonus Problem: Divvying Up The Loot, Modern-Day Edition (Algorithms)
Problem 5: Mathematically Challenged (Optimization)
Problem 6: Taking Inventory (Algorithms)
Problem 7: By Our Powers Combined (Combinatorics)
Problem 8: Focus Fire! (Optimization)
Problem 9: The Killing Fields (Motion Planning)
Problem 10: All Decked Out (Expected Value)

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