Thursday, March 3, 2011

The results are in

I have two pieces of good news to report:

First, I passed my qual! I haven't got the “official” announcement yet but Jeff told me that the qual has been graded and I passed it.

Second, all the votes are in and I am now going to be an official member of House Valdemar in Belegarth. They are in the process of making the special tunic for me and I will have an official “initiation ritual” next Saturday, March 12.

EDIT: I typed "not" instead of "now" before.


Dan Mont said...

Hi Alex,

Congratulations on passing your quals. I am happy for you, but not surprised.

But I'm confused about the other thing. You said the votes are in and you are NOT a member, but that they are making an initiation tunic for you. These seem like contradictory statements.

Dan Mont said...

Actually...since you said you had TWO pieces of good news, I guess you just made a type when you said youre are NOT going to be a member. So congratulations on that, too!!!

Dan Mont said...

Funny that I made a typo when I typed "typo" as "type"

Alexander Mont said...

That's correct. I typed "not" instead of "now".