Monday, June 6, 2011

News Quiz

1. Which of the following is an actual reality show about to enter its second season?

(a) The Auditors, which features stories of taxpayers who have been audited by the IRS, from the initial contact through the final accounting of taxes owed.

(b) Extreme Couponing, in which shoppers save thousands of dollars through strategic use of coupons, store promotions, and similar deals.

(c) Health Care Hustle, which features a "behind-the-scenes" look at the business side of a doctor's office in Oakland, California.

(d) Wikipedia Wars, where contestants compete to use Wikipedia to find the answers to trivia questions while strategically editing it to confuse their opponents.

2. Which of the following is an actual recent scientific finding?

(a) The gene responsible for blonde hair also produces neurotoxins which lower intelligence.

(b) Using Twitter and Facebook immediately after studying for exams improves grades.

(c) The most important factor in determining how much students learn in college classes is how funny they think their professor is.

(d) Showing Apple fans images of Apple products activates the same areas of the brain as showing religious believers images of deities.

3. Sarah Palin recently made which of the following false claims about American history in an interview?

(a) Part of the purpose of Paul Revere's famous ride was to warn the British that they would face American resistance.

(b) Alexander Hamilton once gave a speech warning of the dangers of financial bailouts.

(c) Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves because he wanted to sabotage the Southern economy.

(d) President Kennedy ordered Predator drone strikes on Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis.


Dan Mont said...

The only one I know for sure is the Paul Revere thing.

I'm guessing students learn more if they think their professors are funny.

I'm not going to guess Health Care Hustle and the AUditors because I think there would be too many privacy concerns, and the Wikipedia thing would be too difficult to capture on TV, so that leaves me with extreme couponing

Alexander Mont said...

The answers are:

1. (B) Extreme Couponing:

2. (D) Apple products and religion:

3. (A) Paul Revere

Nanette Goodman said...

You put up the answers too fast.

I saw an ad for extreme couponing. It wasn't until I saw it on your blog that I thought..."what the hell do they show?" I guess I'll have to watch it to find out...or not.

I also knew about the Sarah Palin thing. Did you see that she doubled down on Fox and insisted she was right. There are some people who are backing her up. Actually, It seems that after Revere was captured he told the British that they would face heavy resistance because he had warned people all along his route to Lexington that they were on their way...and he was a bell maker.

Clearly she didn't stick to the main reason for his ride but I'm skeptical about whether it was a total screw up or whether it was a somewhat planned attempt to get herself in the news. She gave that answer in response to "What have you seen today and what are you going to take away from your visit."