Monday, January 19, 2009

Amtgard News #2

So, a lot interesting has happened in Amtgard since the last time I posted. First, we had Coronation on the 10th. It was the usual stuff, with some ditching, a feast, and an auction. Some of the stuff I got from Vietnam fetched a reasonable sum ($40 for a robe I originally got for $18, and $17 for some vases I originally got for $3).

On the 17th, we didn't have much going on because only two people, me and the Monarch, showed up. We knew turnout would be low because some of our members were visiting other parks, but we didn't expect it to be this low. Then we called another member, Pict, who said he was going to show up but didn't because it was too cold, but agreed to meet us at Plato's, a diner, to have food and talk. He revealed that there would be a big coronation event on the 18th for Crystal Groves, and that he wanted to go but had no money for gas. I offered to pay for his gas if he could take me and he agreed. Unfortunately the next morning he had a pain in his back and had to go to the emergency room, so that plan was canceled. (Instead I spent the day in Washington, D.C., where I saw the new, remodeled, American History museum, went to the Madame Tussaud's wax museum, bought a couple Obama T-shirts, and saw a Capitol Steps performance. Judging by the number of vendors selling Obama merchandise, Obama has already begun stimulating the economy.)

On the 24th, we will have the "Defense Contractor" game, where we will all compete to make weapons to fulfill "contracts" I post and make money (in gold pieces), and the team that makes the most money at the end of a given time period wins. (One of our members works for a defense contractor in real life, and thought my game was a good idea.)


Dan Mont said...

Hey Alex, sounds like a lot of fun. Sorry about missing the coronation, though. Did you go to the other coronotion...oops, I meant inauguration.

And how is the new American History Museum?

Alexander Mont said...

I did not see the inauguration in person.

The new American History museum had a different layout, but most of the exhibits were unchanged.