Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Exciting Combat Action

A few exciting things are coming up this Saturday. First I am going to Wolfpack Opener, a Belegarth fighting event. Then I am going straight to Armored Gopher Games for the first session of our superhero adventure game. Wil my superior archery skills dominate the battlefield at Wolfpack, or will the enemy break through our lines and overrun me? Will "Robotic Man" and his army of flying robots defeat the forces of evil, or will the enemy discover and exploit his secret weakness? Full reports coming up soon after these events!

While we are on the topic, remember that back at Maryland I wrote that students didn't have to leave campus to participate in exciting combat action. Apparently, the same thing is true at UIUC.


Dan Mont said...

Is the ground covered with snow? I would think that would give archers an advantage since the other players will be moving around more slowly.

Sorry to hear that crime is on the rise in Champagne-Urbana. What is the local economy like? I would think a University town would be a bit shielded from the recession. Is that true? Crime usually goes up during hard economic times.

Alexander Mont said...

The Belegarth event is indoors.

And apparently the university isn't shielded from the recession, because of the budget crisis, so the state can't afford to pay the university the funding it was promised. So far they've already had to institute mandatory furloughs as an emergency cost cutting measure.

Dan Mont said...

Are professors being furloughed, too?

Alexander Mont said...

Yes, they are. In fact, the professors were the ones that protested the furlough the most because they have classes they have to teach and meetings they have to go to, and didn't want to have to take days off. The administration gave them an option: take temporary salary reduction instead of furlough. So either you do the same amount of work for less money, or less work for less money.

Dan Mont said...

That happened one year when I was a professor at Cornell. Professors really couldn't take any time off. We didn't want to hurt the students (vis a vis fewer classes) and we doing less research would only have hurt US by slowing down our careers. It wasn't like we were making widgets that the university was selling for profits. Our research production was in reality mainly for us.