Saturday, February 13, 2010

Exciting Combat Action - After Action Report

So today was the "big day" with all the action. The Belegarth event was quite exciting. There were well over 100 people on the field, and it was indoors so it was close quarters. That meant that you had an unbroken line of people stretching from one end of the field to another. This made archery much different - easier to hide behind the lines to avoid getting hit, but trickier to find lines of fire that will hit enemies without being blocked by your own guys. Also you run out of arrows pretty fast, so you have to look on the ground to find arrows to pick up. But overall the event was really cool.

Then I got dropped off at the game store to play the superhero game. Unfortunately three out of the five people couldn't make it, so rather than run a whole adventure he just ran a single practice combat to get us used to the combat system (since we hadn't played Hero System before). He pit us against two opposing villains: a "blaster" (guy who shoots energy blasts) and a "brick" (strong and tough guy.) My teammate was a blaster the ability to fly and teleport. The first round of the game my teammate teleported over to the enemies to shoot them at point-blank range. He hit one of them, and tried to use the knockback to send him flying into the other one, but missed. Then the enemy brick got up and ran him over using a "Move Through" attack, knocking him unconscious. In order to save my teammate, I tried to move my support robot over and use its "Aid" power on him, but it would only work if I "hit" him with my Aid "attack." I didn't give my support robot any OCV (Offensive Combat Value; the stat that determines how good you are at hitting people) because I thought that it's an auto-hit if the target is willing. It is, but in order for the target to be "Willing" he has to be conscious. So I missed witht my Aid, but I has another trick up my sleeve - I moved my combat robot over and activated his "Flash" attack to blind both enemies. While the enemies were stuck defenseless (and mostly attack-less, too) since they couldn't see us, I used the robot to blast the enemy brick into oblivion while I myself used my "Telekinetic Field Generator" to telekinetically grab the blaster so he couldn't do anything. Finally the enemies recovered from the blindness but by then the battle was a foregone conclusion.

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Dan Mont said...

Sounds like the enemy never had a chance